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About Us

The DublinWriters.net started in late 2007 to cater for past and present participants in writing workshops facilitated by Yvonne Cullen. Its purpose was initially to provide a space outside of the face-to-face workshop setting where people could share and critique their work - particularly for work that might be hard to look at within the time constraints of an evening meeting.

The forum section of the website came first, offering a private space to share information as well as to discuss work.

It is now our intention to move on to developing what we do with the site even further, working towards an online writing journal which we intend to have up and running by mid 2009.

We would also like to encourage artists from other media to join in, in the belief that exposing creative people to creative people breeds more creative output from everyone!

The website remains in an embrionic state, with new features and plans emerging in a constant (though random) fashion as we go. Currently, membership is by invitation only, from Yvonne’s various writing groups, but we would hope to open the doors at some stage for more members.

Thanks for visiting the website. Please visit again soon to see what we’re up to.



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